Calling Card News StartDialing International was founded to give the consumer the best quality prepaid international calling cards available on the market, at the lowest cost possible Virtual Calling Cards Are Taking Over the Web A few years ago when cellular phone companies came up with "free long distance" plans most of us at the phone card industry thought that would be the end of the era, as we know it. A decade passed and we are still in business and... business is booming. The main reason for the continued success of the calling cards is our old friend - the World Wide Web. Business is Booming Thanks to Virtual Calling Cards Internet based virtual calling card pioneer International says over 800,000 searches for virtual calling cards were performed through Internet search giants Yahoo! and Google last month. Virtual Calling Cards are the internet based versions of the calling cards bought from shops which allow low-cost national and international phone calls, at times allowing customers to save up to 90 per cent of the standard call rate.