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    Saipan Dialing Code

    DIAL FROM USA: 0-11- 670 - Saipan City Codes

    Saipan Calling Card

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    Saipan Timezone Information

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    Saipan Calling Card

    Major Airports in Saipan

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    Saipan News

    Hyatt, Joeten added to MMAC’s list of sponsors
    Hyatt Regency Saipan and Joeten Daidai Foundation are once again sponsoring this year’s staging of the Marianas March Against Cancer.
    Full Story

    Deadline looms for Saipan casino applicant
    Monday’s deadline draws near but as of yesterday, the government has yet to receive an application for an exclusive license to operate a casino on Saipan coupled with a $1 million nonrefundable application fee.
    Full Story

    Inos eyes more investments in NMI
    Besides an expected Saipan casino resort with at least 2,000 guest rooms, the construction of two new hotels on public lands in Marpi and San Antonio and reopening of the former The Palms Resort under the global hotel brand Sheraton, Gov. Eloy S. Inos said yesterday there are other new investments on the horizon.
    Full Story

    ‘Manta Ray Band performances a feat of historical significance’
    The Saipan Southern High School’s Manta Ray Band delivered an unprecedented number of superior performances at a recent music festival in Guam where it took home more than 30 gold awards.
    Full Story

    China TV show, magazine discover NMI
    “Unbelievably crystal blue” is how one media outlet describes the underwater scene at Grotto on Saipan. Taiyuan TV’s “Discovery” program and Modern Bride magazine of China were on Saipan on March 21-24, 2014, to explore sights and sounds both above and below water.
    Full Story

    Yankees take solo lead in SBL
    The Saipan Stevedore Yankees got even with the Brewers, cruising to a 9-2 win in their second outing in the 2014 Saipan Baseball League last Monday night at the Francisco “Tan Ko” Palacios Ballfield.
    Full Story

    Over 100 to test 25th Tagaman
    A total of 128 athletes will participate in the silver anniversary of Tagaman Triathlon that starts tomorrow morning in waters off Pacific Islands Club Saipan.
    Full Story

    Yankees, Brewers tied for SBL lead
    The Saipan Stevedore Yankees grabbed a share of the lead in the 2014 Saipan Baseball League, following a 16-5 win over the Tigers last Wednesday night at the Francisco “Tan Ko” Palacios Ballfield, The Yankees tied the GSM Brewers for the top spot as they have identical 7-1 records.
    Full Story

    Zoning urges public to attend outreach
    The Zoning Office is encouraging the public to attend the many outreach activities it is hosting so they will understand the intricacies of the Saipan Zoning Law of 2013.
    Full Story

    PIC Hafa Adai 5K gets help from Bridge Capital
    With less than a month away to what is bound to be the most talked about event on Saipan this year, the PIC Hafa Adai 5K is proud to announce that Bridge Capital LL has joined the growing list of sponsors for this fundraising event “Bridge Capital is very excited to be part of this event and we encourage the community and other businesses to support and join this event and the others to come ...
    Full Story

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