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    Our Best International Rates

    North America
    Canada Calling Card0.5¢
    Mexico Calling Card0.5¢
    USA Calling Card0.8¢
    South America
    Argentina Calling Card1.1¢
    Bolivia Calling Card5.9¢
    Brazil Calling Card1.2¢
    Chile Calling Card1.2¢
    Colombia Calling Card2.5¢
    Peru - Lima Calling Card0.8¢
    Austria Calling Card4.0¢
    France Calling Card0.4¢
    Germany Calling Card0.9¢
    Italy Calling Card0.7¢
    Netherlands Calling Card1.1¢
    Poland Calling Card0.9¢
    Spain Calling Card0.7¢
    Turkey Calling Card1.8¢
    UK Calling Card0.3¢
    China Calling Card0.9¢
    Indonesia Calling Card2.6¢
    Japan Calling Card1.8¢
    Korea South Calling Card1.0¢
    Pakistan Calling Card3.0¢
    Philippines Calling Card9.9¢
    Algeria Calling Card5.4¢
    Egypt Calling Card7.0¢
    Ghana Calling Card17.5¢
    Kenya Calling Card6.5¢
    Morocco Calling Card1.8¢
    South Africa Calling Card2.5¢
    Tanzania Calling Card12.5¢

    calling cards

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    Calling cards
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    calling cards

    Virtual Calling Cards Are Taking Over the Web

        A few years ago when cellular phone companies came up with "free long distance" plans most of us at the phone card industry thought that would be the end of the era, as we know it. A decade passed and we are still in business and... business is booming. The main reason for the continued success of the calling cards is our old friend - the World Wide Web.

        According to the search authorities such as Yahoo and Google, over 800,000 searches last month, were performed by people who were looking for either calling cards or phone cards. People who wants to save money on their long distance cost and don't want to be ripped off by the local phone companies charging obscene per minute rates. So what is causing this industry to spike 300% over the same period of time last year? The answer is simple: Virtual calling cards!

        Although, we hear word virtual almost every day "virtual this, and virtual that ... Virtual sites, and virtual relationships," so what exactly is a virtual calling card, that lives in cyber space and is causing the entire buzz? Imagine a calling card that is virtually indestructible, card that can't be lost or stolen, and can be instantly shared with all of your friends and family. Card that can be reprinted as many times as you want as well as recharged multiple times directly from your bank, a credit card or any virtual currency such as PayPal, e-Gold or WebMoney.

        Imagine a rainy nigh at the hotel room where you just have to call home to talk to your loved ones and tell them how much you miss them. So instead of running to the gas station and browsing through the stack of different calling cards and reading small prints for surcharges you simple log in to and get you very own Virtual calling card with great domestic and international rates and no hidden charges! Another great example is an international business trip where local phone systems are confusing and extremely expensive, but don't be alarmed, since you have StartDialing on your side. Dial local access number and save up to 90% on all international calls from over 30 different countries.

        One of the pioneers of the Virtual Card market was StartDialing International ( They took the idea of the Virtual calling cards to the next level. They've created the environment where user can securely buy a calling card number and use them from anywhere, from their cell phones to hotel rooms and airports. The next idea was get rid of annoying PIN number that always gets lost or simply forgotten. Now you can just register your phone number with StartDialing Virtual calling card and the system will automatically recognize your call and even dial most frequently dialed numbers for you.

        Today is one of the most successful online calling card vendors and a working prove that simple old ideas such as calling cards can get a new life on the virtual space of the Internet.

    Published on Feb 7, 2006

    Business is Booming Thanks to Virtual Calling Cards

        Internet based virtual calling card pioneer International says over 800,000 searches for virtual calling cards were performed through Internet search giants Yahoo! and Google last month.

        Virtual Calling Cards are the internet based versions of the calling cards bought from shops which allow low-cost national and international phone calls, at times allowing customers to save up to 90 per cent of the standard call rate.

        Called calling cards, they are actually Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) which are generated by the issuing company and sent to the customer. says their most popular cards are ones which can be used in over 30 countries, from almost any telephone including cellular phones. Depending on the card, information attached to the number can be altered to allow only particular numbers to be called and even allow particular numbers to be called automatically.

        Initially threatened by cellular companies low cost long distance plans, states that consumers have become wise to the hidden costs in these plans and have returned to calling cards for their long distance calls. have been in business since 2001 and have more than 10,000 customers worldwide. Alexander Davidoff, Chief Marketing Officer of says their site is rapidly approaching their one millionth visitor and that most of their customers are students or travelling businessmen.

        Virtual cards offer the ability to be recharged over the Internet, offering unheard of convenience and reliabilty in the telecommunications world.

    Published on June 20, 2006

    Shopping in our store is 100% safe! It is our #1 priority to make sure you can shop safely in our store. When you place an order, StartDialing protects your credit card number and personal information by encrypting it. Encryption scrambles your credit card number and personal information. It stays scrambled while traveling over the Net and remains scrambled even while it arrives to StartDialing' machines. Your credit card number is not kept or recorded by StartDialing or our computers - it is simply passed through to the credit card company to finalize the purchase For secure commerce transactions, uses secure server software (SSL), the industry standard and among the best software available today.
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